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The StretchyLuxe™

The StretchyLuxe™

Made with ♡ from California

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  • Refreshing and rejuvenating
  • Instant neck pain relief
  • C-shaped curvature for optimal stretching
  • Massage nodes for deep tissue relief
  • V-shaped opening for versatile use
  • Compact and lightweight
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The StretchyLuxe, with its cervical and ergonomic design, helps naturally restore your neck's natural curve at a 26 degree angle, allowing your neck muscles to decompress and expand.

This improves blood circulation, corrects neck hump posture imbalances, restores hydration, and reduces the strain on your discs and muscles, resulting in a happier, healthier you.


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How to use

We recommend using the StretchyLuxe 5 minutes per day to start, then slowly working your way up to a maximum of 30 minutes per day.

We recommend you use the StretchyLuxe once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and then one more time before you go to bed.

Experience instant neck pain relief

Whether you're looking down at your phone, watching tv, or staring at a computer screen, your neck may become stiff and painful, leading to severe issues such as arthritis, a reliance on pain killers, and in some cases, high-risk surgery.

The StretchyLuxe offers a 10-minute solution using cervical traction to eliminate neck pain, TMJ, and tension headaches that is designed with your comfort in mind.

Sleep better, live pain-free

I'm guessing you've tried various neck pain relief products that made big promises but failed to deliver. This is because most of those devices only focus on shallow relief.

On the other hand, the StretchyLuxe provides comprehensive relief by addressing the deep underlying cause of neck pain by targeting specific pressure points, ensuring long-lasting results.

Professionally designed & recommended

The StretchyLuxe has two sides, a convex side and a concave side.

The convex side provides a reduced amount of traction and is ideal for someone with severe neck pain at the base of the skull and a poor range of motion.

The concave side provides a greater stretch, relieving neck pain from sleeping, and is best for more advanced users.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Gina K.

This simple little neck stretcher does big amazing things! It helps keep my back completely aligned, and I sleep amazingly at night! I lay down on the carpet with this under my neck for about 5 to 10 minutes, roll on my side sit up and stand up and I am good to go!! Very good benefits!

Darrin Bartoletti

I feel like I've tried them all, and my favorite is the stretchyluxe. It truly is the best. I've had degenerative discs/ligament damage/stacked vertebra in my neck for two years as a result of a bad car accident in which I was hit head on. I've had physical therapy, gone to chiropractors, and purchased special neck pillows. I bought a new mattress, used all of the pain reliever creams, slept with heating pads, and used massagers to help with the nagging, never-ending pain. Nothing seemed to help since I bought it. It's a game changer! 10/10 would recommend. My c curve is being restored. I still can't believe it. It's all a dream.

Connor F.

For the past month, I've had intermittent shooting pain on the right side of my jaw. I decided to try this neck stretcher after reading a review about someone who found relief from trigeminal neuralgia with a chiropractor due to compressed discs on the nerve.

I used it at the top of my neck, almost tucked, and ever so slightly rotated onto my right shoulder—just a little bit. I knew I was in the right place when the pain began to fire rapidly. It came to a complete halt within two minutes. Absolutely incredible.

Beth U.

I bought this because I needed something to support my neck overnight. I frequently experience pain on the left side of my neck, which causes headaches and fatigue. I've been using it for about two weeks and have had much better sleep and my neck pain has almost completely gone away. I'm trying to recall a time in the last two weeks when my hell or head hurt, and I can't think of any. This thing is amazing

Kylie C.

I didn't believe this was the answer I was looking for, but I was willing to give it a shot. The other options were a neck sling, which looks totally effective but something about hanging my head by the door urks me...and a vertical table, which I've used and LOVE but is extra af (which means I don't have space for that crazy contraption maybe when I'm 50). Above all, I needed something portable.

Man, I'm glad this little futuristic tsunami pillow (not its real name, I give it nicknames because it's just so cute and weird looking!) exists! I'll have to travel with it and live with one for the rest of my life, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make...

What does it do for me and how do I apply it?
• It relieves my neck, shoulder, and even lower back pain in 10-30 minutes. I lay on the floor with it tucked under my neck and the base pressed into my shoulders at least twice a week for 5-10 minutes (but usually longer if I have time). You take deep, deliberate breaths and tilt your head back. As you breathe, you'll notice your neck opening up, allowing the tension to pass through and be relieved. Make sure you're not tensing your shoulders; you will, and that's fine; simply catch yourself and continue to fall into the stretch.

This tool helps to align your spinal chord. Pay attention to how your hips and pelvis will need to realign as you lay there.
• This alone allows me to travel to town as a side sleeper.
• Because I'm a side sleeper with double jointed shoulders that pop out of socket when I sleep and a lower back disk herniation, I've woken up every day for years with the most intense aches in my scapula, neck, and lower back. It's worse on weekdays when I work on a laptop and tilt my neck incorrectly, but this tool completely eliminated the pain in about 3 days. So we can all agree on one thing: I'M OBSESSED.

If I don't use it on a weekly basis, my pain will return because my work and phone habits seem to force me into bad posture:/

If my experience sounds similar to yours in any way, I strongly advise you to try this product! It will improve your sleep, spine, and overall health.